Research activities

Research department

  • Department of mental and behavioral disorders;
  • Department of narcology
  • Laboratory of clinical and epidemiological research

Main research areas:

  • carrying out fundamental and applied research studies in the fields of psychiatry and narcology, development of new treatment-diagnostic technologies, methods of rendering specialized medical aid to patients;
  • development of the system of scientifically grounded measures on targeted prevention of addictive, aggressive and autodestructive behavior in children and adolescents;
  • development of the program-technical means for the elaboration of treatment tactics and the implementation of control of the treatment measures effectiveness for patients with mental and behavioral disorders;
  • carrying out research studies on the optimization of activities of psychiatric and narcological services of public health organization of the Republic of Belarus;
  • monitoring of narcological situation in the Republic of Belarus and development of methods of estimation of economical damage due to alcohol and other psychoactive substances abuse.

Department of mental and behavioral disorders

Head of the department – N. Misyuk, Ph.D. in medicine

Projects :

  • «To develop and implement the methods of multidisciplinary approach in diagnostics and organization of systemic aid for children with autistic spectrum disorders»
  • «To develop and implement the method of transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy in complex treatment of patients suffering from epilepsy»
  • «Examination of the peculiarities of neurophysiological mechanisms of brain activity in patients with organic non-psychotic disorders by the method of computer EEG in coherent analysis mode and development of a new approach to the diagnostics of these disorders»
  • «Modern diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders in people exposed to radiation» on the section 1.1.3 of the Allied state program «Development, improvement and practical implementation of coordinated (unified) modern technologies in Russian and Belarusian medical centers for advanced diagnostics and treatment of Russian and Belarusian citizens belonging to higher risk groups»

Department of narcology

Head of the department – A. Kopytov, Ph.D. in medicine, associate professor

Projects :

  • «Differentiated approaches to providing alcohol dependence prevention among juvenile population of the Republic of Belarus»
  • «Development of the programs of prevention of psychoactive substance use among primary school children»
  • «The aspects of early alcoholism: genetic, clinico-biological and psychosocial premises of its development among adolescents and young people» 

Laboratory of clinical and epidemiological research

Head of the laboratory – A. Gelda, Ph.D. in medicine

Projects :

  • «To develop the criteria of clinico-social functioning, to assess the quality of life and dysadaptation of injection drug users (IDUs) suffering from different stages of HIV infection»
  • «Socio-psychological mechanisms of suicidal behavior of adolescents and young people in modern megapolises (on the example of cities of Minsk and St. Petersburg)»